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About Harry Scott

Thanks for visiting my site. I’m an author, writer and blogger who has been putting pen to paper, and fingers to keyboard, for over 20 years. As Andrew Emery, I write about hip-hop music for magazines and newspapers (see some of my Guardian pieces here) and have published two books on it, including my recent memoir of life as a rapper.

As Harry Scott, I write fiction (coming soon) and about life in self-publishing. I’m a late convert, after going the traditional route for my first book, but now I’m a noisy cheerleader for the freedom and opportunities for self-expression that self-publishing affords us.

I’ll be blogging about self-publishing issues, interviewing other writers about their books, working methods and more, and building up to the launch of my forthcoming book on publishing.

I also spent time in a leading digital agency, heading up a content team, mentoring writers and specialising in devising and implementing engaging content plans for companies including Hertz, Tesco Bank, 888.com, Leeds Building Society and more. If you’d like SEO or content advice, I can help, and I have the results and track record to back it up. It’s unlikely you’re here for that, but you never know…

All landscape photography on this site is copyright the excellent Nat Saunders. With thanks.